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Letting the experts do the talking.

Client: Catawiki

Language: English

Role: Copywriter and content writer

Catawiki is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. Users of this platform can buy and sell the most exceptional items in different categories, ranging from a piece of the moon to unique artworks.


My task as a freelance copywriter at Catawiki was to develop and write newsletters in several categories: comics, books, stamps, and coins (later also art, classical cars, and jewellery). The experts in these categories provided input from which I created blog posts and newsletters.

The newsletter often referred to blog posts – that I wrote too, you can find an example here or read an excerpt from one of the blog posts below.

Excerpt newsletters | Catawiki

Excerpt blog post | Catawiki


Highlights from this week's book and cartography auctions

1. Europe - Blaeu, W.J. - Europa recens descripta à Guilielmo Blaeuw - 1621-1650

A rather mysterious island appeared on many maps that were published after 1558. The mythical island, referred to as Frisland, was first charted on the influential Zeno map that was published by the Zeno brothers in 1558. On this map, the landmass south of Iceland was incorrectly depicted as a separate island. The decade following the Zeno map’s publication, many other maps started wrongly depicting this phantom island. In this week’s Exclusive Cartography auction, you can find a beautifully decorated map from Blaeu where Frisland appears between Iceland and Greenland.

2. Leonardus Marius and Boetius à Bolswert– Amstelredams eer ende opcomen, door de denckwaerdighe miraklen aldaer geschied – 1639 - Dutch

Vincent van Gogh had many uncles and aunts, but his uncle Vincent (also called ‘uncle Cent’) was arguably closest to the famous painter. Uncle Cent was a respected art dealer and a refined bibliophile who lived most of his life in Paris. One of the books he owned is this religious book written by Leonardus Marius and Boetius à Bolswert. What’s most remarkable about this book, is that it contains uncle Cent’s bookplate! You can find this interesting piece of history in this week’s Pre-1700 Books auction.

3. Gaetano Donizetti – Autograph - Letter to his Friend Cobianchi with News on Sergio Nigri and Pacini - 1820/1835 – Italian

Staying in touch with your friends in the early 19th century wasn’t as easy as it is today. Italian opera composer Gaetano Donizetti wrote this fascinating letter to his friend Gaetano Cobianchi, in which he talks about his personal and professional life, including a little gossip here and there. Find this and many other remarkable items in this week’s Autographs & Manuscripts auction.

4. Jardine, William - The Natural History of Nectariniadae or Sun-Birds - 1835 - English

In this week’s Science & Nature Books auction is a lovely book written by William Jardine on the study of Nectariniadae, also called Sun-Birds. The book contains thirty beautifully hand-coloured engravings of the birds, a hand-coloured engraved title as well as an engraved portrait of the artist.

5. Jean de Tournes - Astronomique discours, par Jacques Bassantin – 1613 - French

This beautiful astronomical book was published by Jean de Tournes in 1613. The book is full of moveable illustrations that still work! You can find this remarkable work in this week’s Pre-1700 Books auction. 

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